Hetton Lyons Primary School

Google Workspace for Education Start Page

Please find all of the most frequently used applications below. 

Make sure you have your usernames and passwords to login. Remember to keep them secret!

Click the Google icon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

to access Google's Homepage!

Services used by Students

Scratch Online

School Survey

Wonde Single Sign On

Use Magic Badge and Emoji Passwords

Services used by Staff

Hetton Lyons Primary: G Suite for Education

Access & Privacy

Resources in Hetton Lyons Primary G Suite for Education are only available to authenticated staff and student users. See the Privacy Matters link and your Dashboard for more information.


If you require technical support or guidance, please e-mail 

help@hettonlyonsprimaryschool.co.uk to contact the school IT support team.


What's New?

New look home screen for the Launch of Google for Education!  You can now use add-ons in Docs & Spreadsheets.  We've added Google Classroom. For more of what's new with Google Apps, see the Official Google Apps blog.  

Also see: Bookmarks | Moderator 

Leaving Hetton Lyons Primary School?  Back-up or Export your GSuite Data

If you're leaving the school, or simply wish to backup your files, see the instructions for taking your stuff with you. If you're returning to school in the new academic year, your Google stuff will be here waiting for you.

All Year 6 accounts are purged (deleted) during the summer break.